Attorneys from Onopenko & Partners protected the Clients’ interests and prevented reclaiming the land from their private ownership

Project Partner:

Project team: Diana Vasylevych, Veronika Koval

A local government body allotted to citizens land plots intended for private farming.  The state acts were issued for these land plots in the manner prescribed by law.

A public prosecutor who acted for executive government bodies filed a claim seeking to set aside the decision of the local government body for allocating the land plots, invalidate the state acts and reclaim the land plots unlawfully held in adverse possession.

Having examined the case file, the attorneys found that the public prosecutors violated procedural laws on several occasions and, in particular, that the public prosecutors needed to prove that there were grounds to file such a claim.

Attorneys from Onopenko & Partners prepared and implemented a defense strategy that eventually resulted in a court ruling to dismiss the public prosecutor’s claim filed on behalf of the executive government bodies who sought the invalidation of the orders and the state acts and the reclamation of the land plots.

Such court ruling helped the Clients to avoid being deprived unreasonably of their ownership of the land plots.

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