Attorneys from Onopenko & Partners protected interests of a public figure in a case over the protection of dignity, honor and business reputation and denial of untrue information

Project Partner:

Project team: Diana Vasylevych, Veronika Koval

Our attorneys have successfully protected the Client’s interests in a dispute with anti-corruption investigative journalists over the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

The attorneys have managed to convince the court that the disputed information had nothing to do with criticizing actions and did not contain an unbiased opinion, conviction, assessment of actions, views, assumptions, but was instead an expression of factual allegations.

Proceeding from the legal position formulated by attorneys from Onopenko & Partners and based on the body of evidence properly produced, the court ruled, after two years of litigations, that the information disseminated by the journalists must be declared untrue and compelled them to deny such information. Thus, by its decision the court ordered the defendants to remove the disputed video story from the website within five calendar days after the court decision took effect in this case.

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